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This ultra-effective, Swedish massage technique, which will be of benefit to all skin types, uses the deft touch of fingertips and palms to stimulate the muscular system and radically enhance blood circulation. The application of aromatic herbal oils will also aid skin regeneration, leaving it with a healthy glow and restore its natural PH balance.


Steady, strong pressure perfectly addresses and realigns deep layers of muscle and connective tissue to alleviate persistent pains and prior injuries, while improving posture.


Developed to help athletes prepare their bodies for optimal performance. Recover after a big event or function well during training. 


Excellent for patients who want to enhance and speed their recovery from cosmetic surgery, Lymphatic Drainage Massage is a very gentle massage technique that improves the transport of lymph through the tissues using light pressure and specific progressive strokes.


We offer a variety of technics, massages and Colombian fat and cellulite reduction products (Cavitation, Ultrasonic, Lipo Laser, vacuum therapy), when you can to loss 2 inches of belly fat or you have you money back.


Thai massage involves stretching and deep massage using pressure along the meridian lines of the body to ease muscle and joint tension. No oil is used for this massage and we provide loose, comfortable clothing to wear. Thai massage is a more intense form of massage stretching the whole body and using more pressure than an oil massage. If a Thai massage is done gently, it can be soothing and relaxing. The stronger the pressure is applied, the more energizing and invigorating the massage becomes

 Its therapeutical emphasis on the meridian lines and aims to clear blocked energy using a special wooden instrument similar to a hammer and chisel to ease muscle tension using mechanical and sound vibration, working deeply through tissue and muscles. Tok Sen therapy relieves muscle aches and pains, relieves energy blockages, helps poor circulation and nerve problems.


Swedish Massage

Deep Tissue Massage

Sports Massage

Pre-Post Operative Massage

Lost Fat Massage (28 day Challenge)

Thai Massage

Tok Sen Massage

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