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Tissue Massage

Learn More About Tissue Massage in Florida

If you feel sore or tired, you could benefit from a tissue massage. We offer deep-tissue massages that reach the core of trouble with your muscles and tendons. A deep-tissue massage starts by warming up the muscles before pushing deeper into a muscle to relieve stress and release trigger points. Any tissue massage can be beneficial for the right client. If you are an athlete, a deep-tissue massage can help your muscles recover faster by improving the circulation in the area.


If you have had trouble with chronic conditions such as tendinitis or carpal tunnel, deep massage can help release tension in the muscles and joints while also improving circulation and reducing inflammation. If you think that a tissue massage is right for you, call us at Mauro Padilla today. You can find us online at or by calling us at +1 (305)912-8000. We look forward to working with you soon and helping you feel your best.

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