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Thai Massage

Get a Thai Massage in Miami Beach

If you have never heard of a Thai massage, then give us this opportunity to explain what it is to you. A Thai massage involves a lot of stretching and deep pressure, which is used along the meridian lines of the body. Using this technique, it is possible to release muscle and joint tension, which can help eliminate pain and discomfort. With a Thai massage, no oil is used. This is a more intense form of massage, and more pressure is used.


Therefore, we will ask you throughout your massage if you are still comfortable and what we can do to make it more comfortable for you if not. A Thai massage can be performed lightly and gently, but we encourage you to try to take as much pressure as possible, since it is more energizing and invigorating when deep pressure can be used. If you're interested in a Thai massage, call us today to set up an appointment. Reach us at 1 (305) 912-8000.

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